Anonymous said: stop being so ignorant. YES the people DID spend a year risking their lives not for morsi, but for a more islamically controlled country. morsi was the closest one to bringing that. get your facts straight

Well then, thanks for being the spokesperson for 80 million people.

As far as I’m concerned, this revolution aimed to take down a corrupt government that ruled for 30 years by use of violence, intimidation, and human rights abuses. I heard chants like freedom, liberty, equality, and those demands don’t need an Islamically controlled government. And that word “Islamically controlled” just SOUNDS wrong. The aim of Islam is not to control people. I’m Muslim and I think Islam is really great, and if you think that too, then you’d know that we don’t need to mandate it on other people for it to thrive. Egypt is beautiful because of all of the people that live in it, and all of those people deserve to have their say in their country and their government, and if you think otherwise, you’re the ignorant one.

And even at that, Muslim Brotherhood don’t even protect their OWN people. When the Tahrir Woman scandal happened (also known as Blue Bra Girl), and women went out to protest the abuse, Muslim Brotherhood condemned the women fighting for EQUALITY and JUSTICE and said they should go home and cook. And many of those women were Muslims.

Anonymous said: tell me more about how morsi knows less about democracy than shafiq

Apologies, I should have been clearer. I don’t think Shafiq should have won either. I hate both of them. I’m just really frustrated by this whole run off election. They’re making us choose between the lesser of two evils. I love Egypt with all of my heart and I believe it has potential to be one of the greatest places in the world, but not by mandating a theocratic government. Egypt is beautiful because of all of its different people and beliefs and cultures, and we don’t celebrate that by mandating one religion on the entire country.

I’m Muslim and I live in the United States, and living here has made me realize how important it is to protect and represent everyone, regardles of their religious beliefs, gender, race, ethnicity, etc. That’s why so many people risk so much to come to the United States, every year, because (for the most part, i’m not naive) we separate religion and government even though the majority adheres to the Christian faith. Even though religion is very important to me personally, I don’t believe it’s my right, or anyone else’s right, to enforce a certain way of life on someone else.